Amla juice 750ml

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  • 100% natural products

  • All products sourced directly from farmers

  • Amla or Indian gooseberry is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients.
  • The essential minerals and vitamins that it contains, are not only integral to our body’s well-being, but also indispensable to preventing and managing some of the most common and widespread diseases.
  • Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, hence it helps boost your immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments, including cold and cough.
  • According to Ayurveda, Amla juice is known to balance all the processes in the body and brings to equilibrium all three doshas – vata, kapha, pitta.
  • Handpicked succulent juicy fresh green Amla is gently crushed in a ceramic bowl, strained through a sterilized double muslin cloth, squeezing out fresh juice which is bottled without artificial flavors and colors for you to enjoy the freshness of natures gift and recharge yourself any time of the day.
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