Athimathuram powder 90gms

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Introducing Bemarket's Athimathuram Powder 50gms – a fragrant and aromatic delight that brings the goodness of nature to your kitchen. Carefully curated and packaged by Bemarket, this premium Athimathuram (Licorice) powder is a versatile spice known for its sweet and earthy flavor profile.

Perfect for enhancing the taste of your culinary creations, Bemarket's Athimathuram Powder is sourced from high-quality licorice roots, ensuring purity and authenticity in every sprinkle. Whether you're brewing a comforting cup of tea or adding a hint of sweetness to your desserts, our 50gms pack is conveniently sized for easy use and storage.

Experience the natural richness and health benefits of Athimathuram with Bemarket – your trusted partner in bringing quality ingredients to your kitchen. Elevate your dishes with the unmistakable touch of Bemarket's Athimathuram Powder 50gms today!

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Type: Powder
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